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1) These are the record companies that issue or distribute Jill's recordings

"Warner Classics is privileged to be working with some of the greatest classical artistes of our generation. The classical music industry faces many challenges and it is Warner Classics' aim to seek and provide new and exciting repertoire as well as staunch favourites for the serious collector and newcomer alike through a mix of catalogue exploitation and skilful A&R. Our Apex range is a great example of our success in this field - it is Britain's fastest-growing budget label."
- Matthew Cosgrove, Director of Warner Classics
The Divine Art ethos is simple: to promote new, rare, and re-discovered musical masterpieces, and to support artists of exceptional talent. Hence our pledge to provide "distinctively different classical music". Music is the only real universal language: truly, in the words of our company motto,
"the divine art of musick toucheth the very soule"
- Stephen Sutton, MD of Divine Art Record Company

Jill's recording of the Bach well-tempered Clavier will be issued by Signum Classics in 2007.

2) These sites relate to people and places which have been involved with Jill's work
(click on logos for link, more information on request)

Cambridge Piano Centre

Old Granary Studio in rural Norfolk offers piano-based studio facilities, supply and maintenance of pianos, stockists of Jill's recordings. Contact Andrew Giller. Rhett Bateup Brown is a Heldentenor who also provides musician services for singers (web services, CD/ DVD reproduction, demos, etc)
Repeat Performance Multimedia offer a very wide variety of recording and post-production services including the manufacture of CDs. Contact Robin Springall or Matt Smith.
Uncertainty currently still surrounds the future of Warner Music Group, and there is only a holding page for the Warner Classics site, which is in redevelopment. However, information on Warner's operations as a whole can be found with the associated link (click on the logo), including the following mission statement.
offers a range of services associated with pianos and other instruments, sheet music etc.
Rhett Bateup Brown is the originator of this site. He is a Heldentenor who also provides web services for musicians.D

Floating Earth
Abbas Records


Abbas Records and Floating Earth are leading independent engineering companies. Click on their logos to reach their websites. More information on their personnel can also be found on Jil's recording pages.

Dr Yo Tomita, Bach scholar and editor of the forthcoming Henle edition, has given Jill his kind assistance for her forthcoming recording of Bach's 48 Preludes+Fugues Bk 2-see his research interests through his home page- click on logo.

Performers' Collective is a new organisation offering web design and hosting, DVD and CD recording, forum debate and a variety of other musician services- by performers for performers.
Restoration House in Rochester, Kent, a period house (originally 1587) open to the public at certain times, has a fine piano from 1824, holds a concert series annually.


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3) Those interested in classical music in general may wish to visit these sites, which have reciprocal links with this site.

British Arts
- A directory of the Arts in the United Kingdom - click on the logo above.

Visit CADENZA- resources for classical and contemporary musicians an extensive and friendly site of classical music resources.

MV Daily . Music and Vision magazine- "the world's first daily classical music magazine". Also provides a free monthly e-mail newsletter service and extensive website.

Piano pages provide a selection of resources about pianos and piano music.

aMUSIClassical directory provides a wide variety of Internet resources on classical music.

KUNST DER FUGE / ON CLASSICAL. The biggest Site of *FREE* Classical Music in MIDI files (thousands of files - no download limits) which includes Zip Collections (coming soon), MP3 and Streaming Audio, 5,000+ listed Fugues, fugue Theory, Reviews and Tools. Any Sheet Music and CD may be ordered online (over 500,000 Titles to choose from).

Hitchin Music Matters is a Hertfordshire organisation dedicated to the fostering of classical music within the region.

Craig Stratton violinist based in Beaconsfield who has just released a CD of Czech music, From the Homeland

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4) These commercial organisations have provided IT/ technical support or sponsorship for Jill
contact details are available on request.

eBizs contact Nicola Dillon

Independent Music Shops



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5) also of interest

Catharine Hartley was the first British woman to walk to the South Pole and the first woman of any nationality to walk to both Poles. Her experiences are charted in her book 'To the Poles Without a Beard.' The link above contacts Catharine's personal and PR management. The following link will reach Catharine's literary agency,
A P Watt

The "art and panda" project marking the introduction of giant pandas to Vienna Zoo.
These animals, Yang Yang and Long Hui, are pictured below.

Acknowledgements to those who have helped construct this site and/ or advised on its design and content-
Rhett Bateup Brown, Dan Brown, Sam Cogheil, Eadmund Pole, Nick Pollock.

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Pandas in Vienna Zoo

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